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( Viswakarma Sooktam -Rigveda-10.81, With Meaning in English )
य इमा विश्वा भुवनानि जुह्वद् ऋषिर्हॊता न्यसीदत् पितानः
स आशिषा द्रविणमिच्छमानः प्रथमच्छवराम् आविवॆश ॥ -1
Meaning- In the beginning our father Viswakarma, the Lord of Creation, overseer of all,  created the fire of  Consciousness from His Mind , and through that, He desired to manifest all these worlds which were in His awareness, and at first as He wanted to manifest the Golden light (the Heavenly Space ), He Himself entered that Auspicious subtle-fire with His full consciousness.
किं स्विदासीदधिष्ठानमारम्भण कतमतस्वित् कथाआसीत्
यतॊभूमिं जनयन् विश्वकर्मा वि द्यामौर्णॊन्महिना विश्वचक्षाः ॥ -2
Meaning- What was the place whereon the Omniscient Viswakarma stood? What was it that supported Him and How was He ? With what mighty power did He spread a woolen cloth in the void, and placed the Heaven and Earth upon it?
विश्वतश्चक्षुरुत विश्वतॊमुखॊ विश्वतॊबाहुरुत विश्वतस्पात्
स बाहुभ्यां धमति संपतत्रैः द्यावाभूमिन् जनयन् दॆव ऎकः ॥ -3
Meaning- He, who hath innumerable eyes, innumerable faces, innumerable hands and innumerable feet on all sides, shining all over is the only One God Viswakarma. He wielded His arms like the wings of a bird and ignited all atoms with His fierce fire, thus He made all things to shine.
किं स्विद्वनम् कवृक्षआस यतॊ द्यावापृथिवी निष्टतक्षुः
मनीषिणो मनसा पृच्छतॆदुतद् यदधिष्ठत् भुवनानि धारयन् ॥ -4
Meaning- What was the life tree from which the Creator had fashioned the earth and heaven? O Wise men, inquire  within your minds, and find whereon the the Creator dwells, bearing all worlds within Himself ?
यातॆ  धामानि  परमाणि  यावमा  यामध्यमा  विश्वकर्मन्नुतॆमा
शिक्षा  सखिभ्यॊ  हविषिस्वधावः स्वयं यजस्वतन्वम् वृधानः ॥ -5
Meaning- O Lord of consciousness, whose light is spread all over the worlds, and may we know Thy highest regions, the middle most and the lowest regions under Thy rule? May we know how You are nourishing all, Teach us the wisdom just as You teach to Your friends.
विश्वकर्मन्  हविषा  वावृधानः  स्वयं यजस्व  पृथिवीमुत  द्याम्
मुह्यन्त्वन्यॆ  अभितॊ  जनास  इहाअस्माकं  मघवा  सूरिरस्तु ॥ -6
Meaning-O Viswakarma, Thou  who art shining in all celestial bodies and made this universe Thy own body, ever been growing in size, by merging Thy consciousness as an offering into Yajna, the creation, as we are also performing similar Yajna for our growth, may all our enemies be enchanted to fallen on ground, and may Thou become a Scholar to bestow the wisdom and wealth upon us.
वाचस्पतिं  विश्वकर्माणमूतयॆ   मनॊयुजं  वाजॆ अद्या हुवॆम
सनॊ विश्वानि  हवनानि  जॊषद्  विश्वशम्भूरवसॆ  साधुकर्मा ॥ -7
Meaning- Viswakarma is the Lord of light and He is the Lord of Speech. We invoke Him for His help  in this Yajna today. May that thought swift Viswakarma listen to our prayers and vouchsafe His presence in all our Yajnas and be with us to protect and grant the fruits of joy and wealth to all.
Om Sree Viswakarma Parabrahmane namaha ||
Dt.4.1.2015 © Copy Right @ viswabrahma


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