Twenty Six Plus Six

Twenty-Six Plus Six January 4, 2015

Twenty-Six plus Six equals One
 Ireland free, Britain's on the run
 Twenty-Six plus Six equals One
 A nation once again, the revolution begun
 Thirty-two for Ireland, the only way to be
 United together walking proud and free
 The crimes of the past still haunt our land
 The planters gone with their drum and their band
 Join hands in freedom sing an Irish song
 Embrace a new Ireland we've waited so long
 Honour our dead they suffered and died
 Remember the mother that suffered and cried
 Heroes of Ireland we remember them all
 Taken from life, God Bless them all
 To the people of Ghaza with rights they deny
 Ireland walks with you, we feel every cry
 We love our land, the land of the Gael
 We love our people, we could not fail
 Bend our knee with an Irish prayer
 They walk the streets of you know where
 My country free, yes you and me
 I walk in freedom, the way to be
 Twenty-Six plus Six equals One
 Ireland free Britain's on the run
 Gerrard McGeachy

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