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~Summons From The Faerie Queen~
 (Story poem)

 It was late at night
 Perhaps a little past midnight
 When arrived at last to my quinsy little house
 And unexpectedly I was greeted by my friend The Mouse

 He looked so delighted to see me once more after a long day again
 He told me I have an important message from the Queen and her counsel-men
 It seems there was something for me to share with all the fairies, leprechauns and gnomes
 Dwarves, half-lings, trolls, elves, pixies and dragons too for a better way to teach the children from Fairyland their ABC

 The Fairy Queen was concerned and worry of late,
 It seems in Fairyland they were not enough teacher candidates
 To teach our Fairy Children all over the land how to read
 She had noticed that parents were just too busy, about this they all agreed

 So, she's now organizing an emergency meeting for all in Fairyland to attend as soon as possible
 She realizes that this and other problems cannot be by her anymore acceptable
 A meeting is to take place after she has consulted it by tomorrow with me
 Everybody is invited by the Fairy Queen herself to come to the Fairy Ball Auditorium

 The Queen is planning it seems a most wonderful Fairy Ball after her council with me its over
 So honored I am to be invited by the Fairy Queen herself as I always have been
 After all I am Nindo, King of the Forest Gnomes and her Royal Adviser and most devoted royal friendů
Its clear that I am expected anyway by royal duty and command to this party to attend

 So I better let you go now and say here my goodnight to you since I got so much to do now
 I am sending back right away a Thank You to the Queen with a letter of you know-how
 With all this carry-on and excitement I am just looking forward to a goodnight sleep
 Tomorrow at break down I shall see again my Fairy Queen and for Fairyland our cares to keep!

 Off I am going now for a wonderful night rest
 I want to look better tomorrow, to be my best!
 So happy I am to live here in this enchanting place we all called Fairyland
 So close to nature with all my Little People and with the beautiful Fairy Queen that to us all here commands!

 Dorian Petersen Potter
 aka ladydp2000



 Note from the author: Story to be continue in the next Fairyland poem titled:"The Meeting"

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