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I've made peace with your placid, stillness
amidst a maelstrom of discord.

I am left speechless  by your passion to coalesce
social change-lessness with desire-less equality.

I stand as gentle witness to the cadence
of your unwavering, static balance,

I have accepted the ebb and flow of
 your relentlessly maddening clarity.

I am left spellbound in the wake
of your carefully crafted
mixed messages
ever mindful to the rhythms
of your,child-like discourse.

I am awestruck by your infinite enthusiasm to
 cut ties clean
while maintaining a conditional tolerance

With one minded determination
you have served to unify
my unconditional surrender.

I am a trustee to your
unceasing devotion to total
and mutually assured non connectedness

Cloistered away in odd luxury,
I marvel  at  your enthusiasm to
 boldly uphold and dispense
punishing jurisprudence
over forgiving grace.

I'm God Smacked
from the ease by which
you casually disperse 
spontaneous bursts 
of creative energy.

In great barren halls
your legacy of thrifty encroachments
have assured 
the non-distribution
of life-sustaining resources
for all perpetuity.

Would it do me any good
to cry  'mercy
from these  "blessings'
you've so generously splayed out  
like blue ribbons
at my table.

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Re-edited 05/16/2024 @  7:11 PM Pacific Time

Buddy Bee Anthony

Blue Ribbon Frenemy



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