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Let Go

Why carry all those bags of hurt and pain
Or drag around that wagon full of guilt and shame
There is a place you can go and leave them there
And walk away free of condemnation and fear
Cast you cares on Jesus who cares for you
Forgive yourself knowing that He has forgiven you
Let go
Why hold on the burden of being something you're not
Keeping ties with those impressed by what you got
Bonded and enslaved to the lender for status sake
Finding joy in things too easy to take
Trade those possessions that rust and decay
For true treasures that will not fade away
Let go
Don't bare the weight of the opinions of men
Everybody knows best until it happens to them
You stretch yourself thin trying to reach their pedestal
To attain a happiness that they don't even know
Your savior in heaven who calls you His own
Loves you so much He came down from His throne
Let go
Don't stress and worry over things you can't control
Kids leave home but don't want them to go
You want to protect their hearts and health
But the truth is you can't even protect yourself
Just pray for grace needed outside those doors
They'll get their testimony the way you got yours
Let go
As life presents it's problems you must understand
There is no trail or temptation uncommon to every man
But you were design to walk by faith
The way has already been made for you to escape
But only if you give God total control
Hold on the His promises, be still and know
Let go
J. Moore

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Let Go