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The bagpiper's call echoes out across the field
A tribute played during this last final moment
We now lay to rest a brother that we must yield
Amazing Grace was beautiful they would comment

There in the distance he will stand at attention
No one attending knows who this bagpiper might be
But he played for all there his stirring rendition
With his sharp uniform in it's own Scottish colors

God has touched this man's heart and he believes
He came to pay his last respects and honor today
For that warrior he plays a tune before he leaves
They'd both served in Vietnam and held the VC at bay

We were all warriors who'd served time in that war
Some had volunteered to go and had served as cops
Defending bases there away from their homes so far
They defended everyone and they were all expert shots

I write this poem to honor my good friend a brave man
He survived our war and he came home to become a cop
His town was lucky to get this warrior who never ran
He was a cop in both war & peace he was always on top

He's also a poet here and helped talk me into writing
He's my good friend & a brother Air Force augmentee cop
His knowledge is so vast and he's always enlightening
He is Howard G. Yates and he's called "The Kilted Cop"

Terry Sasek - Always A Warrior - all rights reserved.

Howard is retired now from the police department and is the
bagpiper in this tribute poem, he freely gives his time and
he will travel to nearby towns and cities near his home and
he provides the respect and honors for fellow law officers,
military men and women who died defending our nation and to
veterans who have passed on and he will play that touching
and well earned tribute of the bagpiper playing for their
funeral service to honor them for having served our nation  
and it helps to comfort the families at their time of loss.

Please visit Howard's site at

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