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Have you ever seen a man cry,
As a part of him insides does die.
he hears a song about war,
In a land that is so far.

Of a different time and place,
Of each and ever face.
Of those that will never come back,
Knowing that at him their memories rack.

A war that most want to forget,
Saying that was a large regret.
even if your tears can't find a place.
Don't mean your heart doesn't reach.

To you it always returns,
Like a flame that forever burns.
A few sleepless nights,
As with you this memory fights.

Nightmares it brings,
As you hear those memories sing.
What can you do,
In these times so blue.

You just have to understand.
to put them in God's hands.
God will make them to ease,
For God wants to please.

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A Man Cries

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