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In my lifetime Malaya, Korea, Suez, 

Falklands, Bosnia, The First Gulf War

As the Twentieth Century passed

I'm sure there were more.


Sitting in the wrong house 

Trying to think

Really I've had 

Far too much to drink.

It  was the last Voddy that did it.

Went straight to my head.

I should have turned right

But I turned left instead.


How could I tell her

I was in the wrong street

So I invented this survey

Which I asked her to complete.

Slurring and stuttering, pretending

To Research on conflict and strife

And their effect on 

Living a normal life.


It doesn't seem to matter

How much effort I make

The lady has discovered

That I am a fake.

She went upstairs

I think to ring the police

So I slip out through the door

To a hurried release.


A patrol car arrives

Passes me on the street

Just too late 

My escape is complete.

This time I turn

And walk the correct way,

Glad to be free at the end

Of a very very trying day.


Thinking, Second Gulf War,

Afghanistan,the Islamic State,

The Twenty First Century

Proving to be yet another one of hate.


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