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Just so you will know,
what will show.
A hate does grow,
when you don't plow a straight row.

A straight row means there,
there are no dreams.
Just something you have to do,
no matter if you are blue.

People you try to help,
but they want you to take each step.
They say you aren't a friend,
if your help for them does end.

I have no idea,
what they think is real.
If they don't get their way,
It is because you wanting something each day.

If you don't give, give, and give,
then it is a thing that they won't let live.
Something that makes them sick,
boy, do they believe that you are that thick.

Friendship is a matter of give and take,
of that never make a mistake.
Cry when you lose a real friend,
but laugh when a fake friendship ends.

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