ameriKKKa's Most Hated Muslim Poet
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Objects of hate, 
Some even... 
Products of white on black rape,
Laborers and dancing minstrels, 
Tools and Entertainment, 
Slaves and Dark Clowns, 
Touch downs and rebounds,
For the owners of the big house, 
From a roaring lion
Into a peacefully protesting mouse, 
Preachers invited for tea 
At the White House, 
Preachers rewarded for jobs well done, 
The paddy rollers rewarded with new guns, 
Stifling, trifling, 
A bore through glance.. 
Looking at the rifling, 
Not standing a fair chance , 
Racially motivated,
STILL... ameriKKKa's most hated,
Targeted by the pigs 
Hired by the big wigs 
Euthanasia for the Nigs 
Look em up, 
Track em down, 
Leave em face down on the ground
No grand jury will convict 
The killing of the Dark Clowns,

Habib Abu Lateef 

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