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That's Poverty


Thats Poverty:

When you work for a week

And your hourly pay rate

Is so abysmally low it's

Topped up by the state,

And you run out of money 

With the week only just begun

And you’re classed as a scrounger 

By the intellectuals of The Sun,

And you have to make the choice 

Sometimes to eat or heat

And luxury would be 

A weekly taste of meat.

Clothed courtesy of charity shop

And you try to keep your pride,

Try to hold your head up high

Though you’re crying down inside. 

Welcome to modern Britain

Home of the brave and the free,

The millionaire cheating banker

And those condemned to poverty.

Where members of parliament 

Supposedly rule in your name

While routinely submitting 

Their dodgy expenses claim.

Welcome to modern Britain

Where those poor and in need 

Are castigated and punished 

To subsidise the wealthy’s greed.

Thats Poverty.

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That`s Poverty