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Dave Burgess


Performing at the Bay Horse

Giving this poem some wellie

Proving to the crowd 

There’s alternatives to the tele.

I was burbling on 

With not a little success

Then I went and looked 

At Young Dave Burgess.


Spotting the coming rhyme

He’d given his big grin

And I struggled for a while 

As it nearly did me in.

I’d so laboured  to find 

A rhyme for cultured arse

And Big Dave’s laughter

Almost turned it into a farce.


I’d applied will power

Resumed control

Managed to struggle

Through the whole.

Now he’s sitting there

Next to Big Tim O’Connor

Looking as though I’ve cast
Some slur on his honour.


In future when performing

Both in the same place

I’ll never again look 

into Young Dave’s face


That bloody infectious grin

So very nearly 

Went and did me in.

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Dave Burgess - (or The Horrors Of Being A Performing Poet.