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~And Then There's None~
( Free Verse)

This world we're living today
 Little by little is ceasing to exist
 New technology is speeding everyday so fast
 It seems is about to swallow the planet and every single man

 No more this world is what used to be before
 Too many good things had been replaced again by very bad things instead
 Family values and old traditions are now just thing of the past

 People everywhere run wild and crazy with no self-control
 Without any morals and God's laws and loving cares
 Today all the children are so unruly in their hearts
 Sometimes replacing love and kindness as they go instead for all kind of weapons and drugs

 Love for most people had been shamefully traded off
 All by inmorality and the so called free-love
 And God our Creator and the Savior of mankind
 Had been forever taken out from every public school

 The Ten Commandments that a long time ago stood for all good
 From this country in many public places and many had been expelled
 And shamefully and sadly written off from public funtions and many texts books

 No more our children can now be blessed to learn from them
 And with them grow to be good little boy and girls
 To believe that every life and so their very own
 It's too special and precious to destroy it and waste

 The name of the Most High is forbidden in many places to be praised and prayed
 And today many parents in their hearts with great pain, still they wonder
 And ask themselves 'What had happened today to all their children'

 As the children go replacing true love and all that its good for them
 For hard drugs, violence and all kind of perverse and inmoral sex
 That may give them only unwanted pregnancies, sex desease and to them in the end only so much pain

 HIV is running everywhere rampant with the killer Aids
 So the world is coming to its very final judgement
 Sadly closing its final chapter filled with corruption and doomed in dispair

 The world is so pathetic letting its last curtain drop to its own calling with such a painful blow
 Hearts had grown so twisted and so cold
 Man is rotting away in their sinfulness and rolling in every kind of filth
 With many hearts and soul just lovers of themselves
 As was predited and everyday is been fulfilled
 By the Good Book since the beggining so many centuries ago

 But one day very soon all this evil I know will end
 For Jesus my King of Kings is coming back to clean this planet Earth
 To bring us all with His New Kingdom only His perfect Peace and Love that is beyond man's imagination and compared.

 Dorian Petersen Potter
 aka ladydp2000




Written on January.27.2001

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