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Feeding Faith
(God’s Testimony)
If you don’t feed your faith it will soon be dead
Like any other living thing that goes unfed
Faith is alive and must be treated as such
Starving faith doesn’t amount to much
For faith to grow strong and healthy
The most effective food is testimony
Drenched in the dressing of the blood of the lamb
Your faith will be strong and able to stand
Just look to the God in whom you believe
The signs and wonders He did achieve
By His word the worlds were formed
The moon to light and the sun to warm
By His command the sea swallowed the earth
By His will the old and barren gave birth
He desired the slaves to be set free
With a simple rod He parted the Red Sea
And when the old covenant would no longer due
He established a new one just for you
Remember your God, He said to man
And you will have my power at your command
Anything you ask in the name of my Son
Believing in your heart, it will be done
Look back if you will on His testimony
And the love he has for you and me
The power that conquered once before
Is the same power that will conquer once more
The enemy arises again and again
But his fate is the same as it was back then
God still reigns, He is still on the throne
Declare it over everything in your home
Yesterday, today, and forevermore
Whatever has been taken, God will restore
His faithfulness has never failed
In the past, the present, and the future as well

J. Moore

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Feeding Faith(God`s Testimony)