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The Lost One
Ninety-nine were tucked away, safe in the shepherds care
But his heart is always focused on the one that wasn’t there
Out in the wilderness lost and alone
He left the ninety-nine to bring that one back home
He searched the mountains and the valleys as well
He left the glory of heaven to search the depths of hell
Death tried to stop Him, pushed Him into the grave
The devils plan to discourage His desire to save
The grave tried to hold Him but He would not be bound
This shepherd won’t stop until that sheep has been found
He arose with all power so what did He do
In His wisdom He declared it’s time to recruit
He returned to His disciples and compelled His new friends
And said who shall go for us, whom shall I send
The ninety-nine are safe and sound here with Me
So go search from the desert to the depth of the sea
From country to country, front yards to back yards
Country clubs, night clubs, social clubs, and bars
Political gatherings, to major sporting events
The penthouses, the mansions, the shacks, and the tents
Find My sheep; feed My sheep, the commission He gave
From the master of the house down to the slave
My sheep know Me and they obey My voice
When that one returns, all of heaven will rejoice
None are insignificant, not one without worth
Each called and ordained even before birth
According to My purpose, which is Mine alone
So go find My sheep and bring him back home
It is not My desire that even one should be lost
They are Mine, they are redeemed; I paid the cost
Ninety-nine were tucked away, safe in the Shepherds care
But His heart is always focused on the one that wasn’t there
J. Moore

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The Lost One