Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : Pakistan zindabad and joy Bangla,
Islamic death sentence for razakar mullah.
Here murtaad of Islam, Bangladesh, Upheld Islam in subliminal way. To show there is never dark night in Allah's day. For name is two brothers of gujrat, Two gujju bhai wrote, The mandate of pleasure and pain of Hindustan on theirs personal format. Yet theirs carnal greedy soul. Failed to apprehend independent part, Can easily be accommodated by the unvanquished whole. Peaple adhere to secularism by theirs heart and mind. Same with religion only they include soul, So in difficult times with God hope and solace they can find. Rest is law of the land, And what law is better than law of God. So let razakar hang in Pakistani toilet, And flushed through Bangla commode.  

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