An atheist is,
Whose weakness of faith is,
His strong belief,
On his intelligence,
A flower is burnt by its fragrance.

And as everyone know brain is the cleaver bit.
And live brain is the good brain with humor and wit.
Dead brain, and what is the dead brain.
Misery and sorrow of graves only hell for entertain.
So if live brain is an atheist,
Then who is atheist the life or the brain.
Was life of Abel taken by brain of Cain.
All can more clearer if I say this.
Allah breathed Atmah into Adam, and Aql was created for Iblis.
Atmah and Pranah, the life and the soul.
It is not one but two out of four parts, what makes the humanity as whole.
An atheist is alive with living brain.
But life and brain is not enough to understand, graves pleasure and pain.
Intelligence cannot grasp the understanding of the soul.
And without brain soul cannot find his life's goal.
And sperma does not have soul but fetus holds it tight.
Therefore atheist is blinded not by the darkness but by the dazzling light.
A sleeping man is not dead man but he is alive.
But his ruh is with Allah, leaving his body on his life force to survive.
And my lord said after so and so weeks ruh is given to fetus with his taqdeer.
That is why poga loves atheist and loathes, sufiswines qadiani quttha and khariji khinjir.    

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