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Sometimes Stars Just Burn Out

Sometimes stars just burn out
Oh that beautiful hope
The eternal springs once sprout
Slides down destiny's slope
Without a tear without a shout
Trying hard but the dark space
is so hard to break out
is what the creative writers wrote
But in this life continue I to cope
Somebody tell me why do stars burn out
Eternal springs beauty once sprout
Slides down the lonely slope
The cries...the darkness is so hard to get out
I scribble on my notes
But the push backs are so stout
from the burning smoke
The stars are, they shine, and then burn out. Why?
There was a glimmer of light
Then a voice said goodbye
I know it won't help if I cry
My tears hit the ground and there die

Copyrights 2015
Robert Anthony James

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Sometimes Stars Just Burn Out