ameriKKKa's Most Hated Muslim Poet
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From border to border ...
A threat to social order ,
A plague from coast to coast ,
Mug shots taken... 
Innocence,  he is faking ...   
Captured and placed in cages, 
Boisterous shouts and bombastic rages,
Crime news posted on front pages,
Finger printed, 
Innocence not even hinted, 
Perpetrators, police and the prosecution
In a contest of telling lies,
The attorneys for the defense...  
Stands defenseless in the juries eyes ,
As victims are robbed,  raped
Or may die ,
It happens everyday ...
Mens Rea, 
Evil intent in mind ,
Culpability in crime ,
Seeded in the ameriKKKan way, 
Hip hip hooray ,  
Damaged people ,
People damaged,
Souls morally famished,
Robbers spiritually corrupt ,
Robbing the bankrupt,
Taking from guest and host ,  
Hurting their own kind the most,
Only in ameriKKKa is crime colored ...  
White on white crime,  
Black on Black crime,
Snitches dropping a dime ,
Guilty faces ,
In high and low places ,
Broken people, 
Needing a fix,
Needing to be fixed, 
Broken minds ,
Damaged people doing time  
Behind walls
Where never a kind word is spoken, 
The State Apparatus  of Corrections...  
Like society itself  
Systemically broken ,
Deviant behavior is the norm ,
Boundaries broken, 
Like many of their homes ,
Habib Abu Lateef
© 2015

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