I saw my self drinking from the placid pond.
Drinking nectar crystal clear like diamond.
Then I saw I drunk it till dry,only mud is left about.
That was when I heard someone shout.
Someone is screaming manic mayham.
Someone was shouting  that I drunk the entire zamzam.
Then I saw thing I was drinking is not white but amber.
Like color of whiskey aged in cask of timber.
Then I saw what thought was pond, actually that is a toilet commode.
Water is reddish due to dark stain smeared on the pod.
I woke up, and realized that was dream not of mind but of soul.
And I said at waking, drinking from zamzam what looks whiskey from toilet bowl.
I opened the net and found one mail came from another night owl.    
Like breath of fresh air.
From imanway islamic forum he sent this blessed picture.
He sent me footmark of ibrahim and ismail alahi wa sallam, engraved on white rock.
The phantom footmark with comfort and shock.
Footmark on rock is a small hole.
Look like english toilet of porcelain bowl.  

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