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Look closely... 
I'm unattached by cables or strings, 
Using offspring as a tool 
Doesn't work on me, 
I haven't gone through the process of castration, 
Nor, fallen victim to societal emasculation, 
If you find me too frustrating... 
Then scream and fret, 
Time you realize, 
I'm not a puppet ... 
I don't care about children, 
I don't care about wealth, 
I don't care about your evil deeds 
Or, how you abort my rights 
Through wickedness and stealth, 
I only care about my eternal souls health, 
I'm no slave to my lower desires, 
I won't be beguile by your efforts 
To lead me towards the fire, 
I don't care about the lies you have told, 
I don't care about your obsession to control , 
I bow down only before Allah, 
And care only about purifying my heart 
And edifying my soul, 
So, you can keep the money 
You can keep the abducted child,
As long as I'm free from your wretchedness, 
I can wear a smile, 
Ar-Rasheed is the best to guide, 
Ar-Razaq is the best to provide, 
Within Ar-Rahman's mercy 
There is ample space for us all to reside, 
Take this face value, 
Heavy is its worth, 
Prophet Muhammad's father died before his birth, 
Prophet Yusef was taken from his father, 
The prophet Musa wasn't raised by his, 
Allah is Al-Haqq... 
And life is what it is, 
Abu Lateef Babatunde 
© 2015

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