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Desperate people, 

Desperate times, 

Perpetrators of lunacy 

Lost in crimes, 

Lost in strife, 

In name only husband and wife, 

Becoming strangers in danger 

Loosers at love in this life, 

Taking her husband for granted, 

Her tongue becomes sharper than a knife, 

Marriage tie severed by the wife, 

Past menopause... 

She's seeking something new in life, 

Years past her sixth decade 

Like an old photo never seeing the shade, 

With no physical beauty left to fade, 

Now, desperate for a mate... 

Doing something she inwardly hates, 

Desperate for male conversation, 

She scrounges among the incarcerated, 

Desperate female, 

Desperate times , 

Lost in emotional turmoil and strife , 

Hoping to become a felons wife, 

Not hidden nor subliminal ... 

Seeking out any incarcerated criminal , 

Because, otherwise she feels 

Her chances at marriage are minimal, 

Desperate people, 

Desperate times, 

Perpetrators of lunacy, 

Having a tendency rewards fantasy , 

Through telephone calls, 

Stripped down cavity searches 

And other forms of hell, 

Before Mr. Shackles is lead back to his cell, 

In name only husband and wife, 

Hell of a marriage 

Making a joke out of life, 



Abu Lateef 


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