ameriKKKa's Most Hated Muslim Poet
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Attack the innocent and remain unrepentant,
Attack the weak and poor and remain unrelenting,
Attack right conduct because you're demented,
Attack morality because you ain't with it,
Attack and kill humanity knowing you can't duplicate it, 
Like the Jinn...  you hate it,
You've caused many a life to become ill fated,
Attack, arrest, divest, dispossess... 
Turmoil you create it,  
Genocidal massacres a many,
Ruthlessness a plenty,
Compassion ... don't have any,
The ameriKKKan Revolutionary War for Independence
From England was fought for white colonial elites...
Rich Land owners who saw the Red and Black Man
As no more than savage trash beneath their feet, 
Some 86 years later at War with itself...
Uncle Sam throws the dog a bone... 
With some Emancipation Proclamation crap
As the new Master..
Mr. Jim Crow settles into his new home,
Portugal, Spain, England, France, Germany and the Dutch,
Havoc you have all caused much,
Shaytan lying and conniving...   
Delving and diving into his bag of tricks, 
Conjuring the Shaytanic ameriKKKan
Declaration of Inter-dependence in 1776,
Germany and the 1884 Berlin conference
On world dominations
Through mass murder and colonization, 
The Balfour Declaration enables 
The creation of the Zionist Nation...
Leading to the Palestinian’s
Annihilation, property decimation and incarceration,
Hitler killed your people...
So, you travel from Europe to Palestine for revenge
You are definitely off your rocker and completely unhinged
Even a retard knows better than that...  but you,
Attack the Palestinians because that's where you are at,
Attack the Hood with cocaine …cracked,
Attack the Seminole forcing them onto reservations,
As the Africans labor with no pay
On Northern and Southern plantations,
Attack the truth with your mountains of lies,
Attack and kill your benefactors
Then start telling thanksgiving day lies ,
Having neck tie parties... 
As Black parents cry,
Evening attire...
Blacks tied...
For all who are held in dishonor... 
Black Ties as a token,
Blacks tied,
Awardees become without hope,
Black necks stretched by an ameriKKKan  rope, 
Necks broken...
Not a voice in their defense spoken,
Blacks chained and tied in 2's and 3’s,
Like Lady Day saw hanging from Poplar trees,
In the Land of the Free.
Bloodied and left dead in Ferguson,
For all the world to see,
That being Black in ameriKKKa means
You will never be free from white supremacist bigotry,
Flying helicopters above Philadelphia’s skyline,
The Blue Vulture dines, 
Barking dogs, snarling beast,
Sons of Sam...
The children of Iblis,
Savages dressed in blue
Disguised as uniformed Police,
Undercover or flying through the air,
Cut Throats in boats,
Lying in wait spying...
Under bridges like trolls
Trolling darn near everywhere, 
Armed pigs patrolling streets, 
A vociferous appetite for dark meat,
Looking for Dominicans,
Puerto Ricans or some Jamaicans to beat,
Innocent of criminal activity
But guilty of Blackness.... 
Stop and Frisk a big city White Supremacist Scam,
Attacked by dogs down South in Birmingham,
Attacking Black babies in southern churches
Because you don't give a damn,
Attacking defenseless Black youth
Who you murder in the street,
Attack a Black Flower
Blowing off her face, petals and feet,
Attack the Earth with a spade
And bury her six feet deep,
How would you respond
If these atrocities happened to you,
Would you still bow down
To the red, white and blue,
Or would you profess,
Even if it meant two to the head,
And eight to the arms and chest,
No matter how deep the water or
How steep the mountain's side,
The truth won't hide...
O father of the lie,
It's heating up everywhere...
Egypt, Tunisia, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Somalia and Sudan,
Mussadeq was overthrown by your hypocritical hand, 
Your lack of vision created the Islamic Republic of Iran,
Now the former colonized have organized
Upon your shores and have moved next door
on your street and are making babies galore
And you are having a meltdown...
Portugal, Spain, England, Germany, France and the Dutch,
Havoc you all have caused much,
When it comes to ISIS...
All of you together don't seem to have a hunch,
You brought it upon yourselves...
You all got together
And put Saddam’s neck in a noose,
Bet you now wish,
You had cut him loose... 
Now, attack that!

Abu Lateef Babatunde



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