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 Positive Poetry For A Better Tomorrow

Positive Poetry For A Better Tomorrow

Most true believers agree;
the chaos we often see makes absolutely no SENSE.
Citizens who try to live an honest life
are forced to purchase a weapon for self DEFENSE
because they're constantly surrounded
by criminal activity and gun VIOLENCE.
Positive Poetry for a better tomorrow
is created specifically to instill virtuousness
into a society which has become too INTENSE.

It's not just drug wars and crooked politicians;
we also suffer from verbal WARFARE.
Every day, people spew hateful rhetoric
by injecting foul language into Mother Earth's AIR.
Mankind criticizes one another for religious beliefs,
sexual orientation, even the clothes they choose to WEAR.
The rate of teen suicide would probably be much higher
if it weren't for the unconditional love
a child receives from their Teddy BEAR.

This world is not all bad; virtuous soldiers do EXIST.
As the absentminded activities of violent wrongdoers PERSIST,
true believers have become non-violent ACTIVISTS;
they unify with others to demand change
by raising their clinched FIST.

The leaders for a better tomorrow
are the ones who have already began walking a positive PATH.
As thunderclouds gather above to send rain
which will nourish vegetable crop, healing herb and green GRASS,
true believers must continue to shine their spiritual light
so that others can see an optimistic FORECAST.
Let's create a utopian world
with lessons learned from our violent PAST.

This literary discovery will unite every man and woman;
from the rich and the wealthy to the indigent and the UNEMPLOYED.
Lawless anarchy is a condition we must try our best to AVOID.
Therefore, percussion beats perfectly synchronized
will help to enhance this poetically inspired, rhythmic NOISE.
Positive Poetry for a better tomorrow is the source
which will awaken the warriors of mankind
so that we may prevent Mother Earth from being DESTROYED.  


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