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MARCH 2015


I'm right ! - says one man to another - while fists are 
Brandished high - and stance is fixed - as if to say - you
Dare my words defy ? - and just as quickly peace has vanished 
Quietly away - and air - once tranquil - fresh and wholesome - now 
Feels dark and harsh and grey - Such is the common  way of  man - 
Who in anger disagree - as sparks begin to fly around - as they vie to
Have their selfish way - or - when lethal weapons - snares and
Tortures press in for the kill - and man - with obstinate -
Defiant stance - exerts his stubborn will .

Oh stubborn nature - when will you let go - and break the 
Patterns of unrest ? -  choose now this day to live in peace -
And harmony invest - for then the soul can find repose - and 
The heart beat as it aught - for nothing good comes forth -
Where selfishness is wrought - ' tis only as one lays
Aside all malice and revenge - that life can find true
Meaning - and have a happy - fruitful end .

So - thank You God - for the ability - to choose the way we 
Should - Love and Life Eternally - that comes from the Father of
All Good - and thank You Heavenly Saviour that You came - to give
Us what is best - and to break the chains of tyranny - hatred and
Unrest - then encourage us to wear Your yoke - which is easy - and
Your burden - which is light - and take up our cross and follow
You - and do what is loving - good and right .

Forgive us Lord - when we fail to see - that Your way is always 
Best - forgive us when we choose the paths that lead to malice and
Unrest - help us to daily recognize - that Your ways are those of peace -
Where patience - kindness - goodness - love - will never - ever cease - So
Help us Holy Spirit - to only do what's right - to love and cherish others -
Which is pleasing in Your sight - and to walk this well worn pathway
In the footsteps of our Lord - knowing - when we leave these 
Earthen vessels - we will see the Face of God .

That is my desire - above all else today - 

To hear my loving Savoiur - when one day He will say -

Welcome Home - My weary child - I know you did your best -

Enter into Paradise - and be Forever Blessed .


Matthew 5 verses 8 - 9 say
Blessed are the pure in heart , for they shall see God .

Blessed are the peacemakers , for they shall be called sons of God .


Be very blessed today my friends 

with love from 

Stella Mitchell.


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