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Slid carefully down

In a single careful rank

Twenty two cans of beer fit
Inside the barrel of a tank,
And driving a tank
Is an exhilarating thrill
But at times you can’t
Avoid some road kill.

Cookie comes behind
And what does he do?
Guts and chops and slices
For a nice Range Stew.


When you’re tired and hungry

And really needing to eat

You gobble down the stew

Because meat is meat is meat.

And when its spiced

And cooked up well

A mouth starts watering

Just at the smell.

Just making sure

No Rupert is near

Off to the barrel for

A few cans of beer


Range stew is fine when 

Washed down with ale

And by and large they all

Live to tell the tale.

Given the choice

It wouldn’t be range stew;

When you’re tired and hungry

Any food at all will do.

Tired and replete

All give thanks

For the cans of beer that fit

Down the barrel of a tank.

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Range Stew