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Time as seen through the labyrinth
Of my mind,
Longing for the ease that once was mine,
Within my mind, back in time,
A kaleidoscope of mental meandering,
The late adolescent exploitative female pandering,
The drills and the Sergeant's bantering,
Hazy hot summer days
Assisting my sister the hostler
Mucking stalls and stacking hay,
Before I mistook Overbrook
Or idolized soldiers, pugilist and crooks,
Way back in time when play
Was the only thing on my mind,
Playing marbles or dead block,
Catching grasshoppers or collecting rocks,
When the pedals on my bike needed blocks,
Back in time before I needed wristwatches or clocks,
Before I carried Sig Sauer or Glock,
Time seems to blend,
Now, that I'm closer to the journey's end,
I reminisce ... the friends that I miss,
Caught up in the maze
That is my mind ,
All the memories are there to find,
Friends to me
As well as arch enemies,
Kindergarten and elementary school alma mater,
Medulla Oblongata,
Neurotransmitters, receptors, signals Sent to the brain through it's stem,
All Praise and Glorification is due to Him,
Creator of life, Creator of the Seen...
Creator death and the Unseen,
Al hamdulillahe Rub bil alameen,


Habib Abu Lateef

© 2015

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