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Males acting like women And females acting like men,
The days of Lut (as) Are upon us again,
Don't fall for the okie doke
Don't fall for that jive,
Proclaim Kalima Shahadah And then
Establish The Five,
Master illusionist,
Filling minds with foolishness,
Not knowing Deen..
And how some of us are true to this,
Tv, radio and Internet news,
And other forms of mind abuse,
Movies, commercials and cartoons,
Psychological warfare aimed
At molding and controlling your views,
Stealing... death dealing... caps peeling...
Controlling how you be feeling,
Recruitment, enlistment
Gaining international resentment,
Mind and morals left in the basement,
Falling for all that dumb excrement,
Time to relent, still time to repent,
Maybe others will take a hint,
By heading to the Deen,
Treading the Siraatal Mustaqeem,
Redemption can be more than a dream,
Be bold, be whole and loosen the controls,
You owe it to your Soul,
Your life and mind are yours to control,
Don't be duped again,
You are not a Maneqin,
Don't digest their crap
Nor regurgitate
Their perverse ways or rap,
Their version of freedom binds you, 
Mentally, physically grinds you,
Eternally...  to the worst type of slavery
And spiritual treason,
Their offer of sincere advice Is...  
A proposal divorced of reason,
Leading to mass insanity,
Having you in bondage
But thinking you are free,
A slave to a system with and without visible chains
As they control your body and brain,
Don't be like the choir boy who finally realized
After being sodomized
It wasn't Papal love that he was being shown
But perversion by one of Satan's own,
That stay in full pedophilic mode,
Don't get lost in the illusion,
At all cost avoid
The Dreded Conclusion,
You owe it to your Soul
Not to believe what they tell you
On the news, radio, movies and TV,
When they attempt to enslave your mind
While having you think you are free,


Habib Abu Lateef Babatunde

© 2014

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