ameriKKKa's Most Hated Muslim Poet
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That Negro is supposed to have such a great mind,

But instead of talking out of his mouth...

He talks out of his behind,

Obama ain't crap,

And needs to quit talking

If that's all he's got to say,

Cause Black folks need to start doing things the ameriKKKan way,

And quit all that

"Can't we all get along" stuff today,

The President is talking trash,

Worrying only about businesses making that cash,

Telling Black folks not to riot,

But they don't buy it ,

Rebellion is not riot

When it is seen as the only option left

For the oppressed

As they cry out to be free,

And neither did the ameriKKKan patriot

Samuel Adams in December 1773,

Wanting out from under the yoke of government tyranny and oppression,

He and his Sons of Liberty taught the authorities a lesson,

An underground movement took hold

Causing government tyranny to unravel then unfold,

Constuctive revolt, riot, vandalism and destruction to Masters property

Makes him know you're serious about liberty,

The slave holding hypocrit Patrick Henry

Said, "give me liberty or give me death..."

Liberty doesn't come from singing songs or from pouting and holding your breath,

The Brother Man said...

I ain't looking for no votes

And got nerve enough to qoute

A hero of long ago in the past,

Habib is telling the so-called authorities to go kiss an ass,

So, in the words of the 1960's Black Panther Party member known as the Rapper Mr. Brown,

If ameriKKKa doesn't come around...

We gonna burn it down,

And the chorus sings ,

Burn it down, burn it down,
Burn it down now,
Burn it down, burn it down,
Burn it down now,
This system cares nothing about Blacks
So, burn the mutha down,

Remember how the Boston Tea Party brought revolt to every Colonized town,

Then strike the elites with what they care about,

Destruction to their investments down town,

Until they begin to care about you,

Burn it down as you wave

The red, the white and the Blue

Because it is the ameriKKKan way,

Remember ameriKKKa's Jeffersonian Declaration...

Forget about that jive Emancipation Proclaimation,

Freedom comes through death and the barrel of a gun,

The day we all come to that conclusion

Will be the day we have arrived and our Freedom won,

On tonight's Action News coverage we will be covering how...

Obama and his cronies don't care about Blacks lives,

Police and National Guard Goons...

Howling at the Moon and crazy as loons ,

More bullsh_t and lies when we return at five,

We'll have live video of the looting,

Police gasing, beatings and shootings ,

No Negros will be allowed into Whitey's heaven...

More live coverage at Eleven,


Abu Lateef Babatunde

© 2014

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