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As a veteran I learned all about securing our perimeter
To make sure my position along the perimeter was safe
Securing our small air base from any threats or attacks

Flash ahead to present day and many things are the same
It's been nearly 47 years since those terrifying nights
Waiting and listening for any sounds alerting to danger

Though many miles and years from all that danger then
I am still always alert and I secure my own perimeter
As there are always dangers lurking in the dark night

There are those who will look for any chance to steal
To break into anyone's home or steal things from others
Without any regards to how hard you had worked in life

So your own family could acquire nice things in life
There are others who are too lazy to work themselves
They will break into homes, cars and will take things

My home and my vehicles are secured and protected
They have alarms and I have security lights & cameras
So even if they try and fail I'll have video evidence

Friends said what would I do if I did face a robber
I replied that if it was outside I'd call the cops
If they broke into our own home threating us I'd shoot  

I would feel very bad about it but I will defend us
Just as I had protected my brother airmen in Vietnam
No one wants to shoot another but if I must I will

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - all rights reserved.

It is very sad situation when senior citizens become
victims of the punks and thugs now days who feel that
whatever you own and had worked hard to get in your
lives is easy pickings for them to steal from you but
sometimes they have been known to kill their victims
just so they can get into a gang and to be so cool to
their punk buddies, but this is one senior citizen who
will never fear any of them in life because I've faced
the worst of the worst kind of people in my own life
and I know what to do to handle myself and as a last
resort I can and I will defend my own family and my
own perimeter as well. Hopefully I will never have to
do this but as more and more homes are being broken
into in our town, one must always stay very alert.

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