Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta: Black magic and chameleon curse.
Doctor durood and ruqiya nurse.
Hu ha of hutama.
And abracadabra atma.
Prescribed words with potent intention.
Black magic is the cursed medication.

Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah: White dua can cure black  magic,
But nothing can kill the chameleon curse.
Apart from victim of injustice, Lifts it from cursed's carcass.
Those who cheat, insults, injures innocent helpless.
Curse is gathering on tyrant, by white magic process.      
And when they fell.
From here to hutama hell.
So for black magic go to Ruqiya nurse, And for curse go to doctor Durood.
Yes doctor durood can cure, Every bad by his good.
Durood will pay your ransom in the makam e mahmud.  

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