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You Are.Asked


You are asked to give so much up,

but how much is enough.

All your good years,

millions and millions of tears.

To water all the pain you feel,

knowing some nightmares are very real.

To live over and over,

never to discover.

If it is your mind,

that you no longer can find.

left in a place so far away,

That you still visit day after day.

Now, your government looks at you,

Like what you are saying isn't true.

that they know what is best,

That there is no rest.

For those, needing the help now,

who can no longer find their way somehow..

To no longer be someone,

now, that you did your job, and you are no longer the one.

They look at you,

like they no longer see you.

like you are no longer there,

and with you they no longer need to or want to.share.

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You Are.Asked

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