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Not so many of you,
Ever become teachers;
But the work you pursue,
Just might make you preachers.
You know that we who teach,
Will be judged more gravely;
For in your minds we reach,
Since we talk more bravely.
All of us make mistakes,
So we are not perfect;
A tongue never forsakes,
That the brain will eject.
When we speak from the heart,
Not always in control;
But shows what we impart,
Who rules in our soul.
Maybe we should put bits,
In the mouth to obey;
Making sure that it fits,
So the mouth does not stray.
Just as ships it is true,
The rudder steers the ship;
To steer as you construe,
For finishing your trip.
The tongue is a small part,
But it can do big things;
Thoughts coming from the heart,
May see joy it brings.
Or maybe cause fire,
Brought by a little flame;
Showing true desire,
And later even shame.
No one can tame the tongue,
Evil filled with poison;
When lips spread and words flung,
Causing even treason.
With our tongues we praise,
Our Lord and Father;
Yet the curses we raise,
Against our brother.

Copyright © 2015 Richard Newton Sherrer

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Taming the Tongue