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Power and Purpose
(The Rib)
God said “it is not good for man to be alone”
So he formed his helper from one of his bones
The only bone that can regenerate and live again
A symbol of the only one able to forgive sin
From over two hundred bones in the man to choose
The rib was the bone God decided to use
Not from the head so that she could rule
Mock his every decision and ridicule
Not from the foot to be trampled in the ground
Buried, ignored, or be casted down
But from the rib with a three- fold purpose
To complete and equip man for God’s service
Number one attach the muscles that control the lungs
Number two create the red marrow where blood cells come from
Number three protect the lungs and that precious heart
The avenue the Spirit enters to sanctify and set apart
The power and the purpose of the rib is essential
For the man and his helper to reach their full potential
As the rib should feel loved and protected under man’s arm
It in turn should help protect man’s heart from harm
When the rib was weak sin entered the heart
Exposed and defenseless it fell apart
Even Jesus on the cross, his arms spread wide
His ribs positioned to only allow air to inter inside
Because the rib muscles were stretched so thin
He had to endure more pain lifting to released air again
A vivid example of the devastation to come
If that man and his rib are not united as one
When man understands the spiritual purpose of that rib
And that rib appreciates the spiritual position it’s placed in
Then the power of the blood of Christ can flow free
Giving life to the world by way of the family
J. Moore

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Power and Purpose