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 Hope Becomes
Decades passed and unresolved
Countless questions, some of lost love
Since the first kiss was planted on
A younger you and years bygone

Tasked is heart to still believe
Believe in one where love deceived
The tick of tock that kept alive
Hope inside your soul would hide

You use to run just like the wind
For flowers fresh and candy tinned
Expressing things that meant something
To them and you yet loss would win

Loss sentiment now runs rampant
Across the fields that bring lament
To you that dreams if just once more
Of love in hand, much you adored

The scars at times near fresh, new wounds
Become the ache that now consume
A simple thought that held the walls
Of what was left now tumble, fall

Sincere intent was always yours
Sincere, giving yet troubled tours
Became your path to walk alone
Alone this word too much condone

You ask the one who gives you breath
Why keep alive, please bring me death
To live this way for what purpose
To even want to live this curse

Roses fade and wilt as does
Your heart of hearts, yours that was
Alive and well that gave it all
Like drunk at bar, you hear last call

Here's to love that broke your heart
Here's to them that tore apart
The very fiber of your being
The fool that love was worth believing

Hope now walks past grieving you
You, who gave, thought you'd pull through
Rising again from stupors stench
Your bed of choice, wooden park bench

Hope becomes, but took its leave

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