For little analysis on ruh.
I asked ustad bhoothnath and ghost guru.
They said the first fact is there is atma.
Given to every creature from here to hutama.
And for sure dead knows about it more than living.
Therefore little sending of Allah is too large of human receiving.
But of it what we do know.
When our soul regularly departs from our body in happiness and in sorrow.
When are in sleep but not dead.
When our living body laying on our bed.
And soul stands front of Allah.
Of every guru padree and mullah.
We also know our spermatozoon.
Those thrown of linga toward yoni as the love harpoon.
They do not hold atma but holding prnah.
Yet Atma is given every each new born munnah.
Therefore ruh is not life force parnah the hayatha.
As in death pranah finds the nirvanah.
But ruh is the immortal atma,
Goes back to its eternal source toward its fate to its vidhatha.
Life dies to immortalize its soul.
Therefore there is lot to sum to find little whole of soul.

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