Tattoos in Mayberry

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Hooray, just  like the Shakespeare play,
you look so good,
much  adoin' about nothin' all day.

Strike a curious cameo pose.
dance' like Li'l Egypt,
At  all the rightest wrong shows.
You tear up all the dance floors
Curl everyone's toes.
Cuz, you're ,
so rich.

It takes much more than a village
to keep your dough hid.
Your ego's in bed and romancin' your id.
You've got way too much juice
for us other kids,
Now that you're 
richer than the richest of the rich,

Got away scot free
with the biggest of scores.
When a blemish erupted,
they sealed your pores.

haul the old stuff out
Shop the new stuff in
Bearer bonds are your next of kin

You really lit the match
Sittin' on top of
your monastery of scratch.

We're all well paid to to make sure  your plans 
blast off without a hitch.
Your accountant's are working double time
compiling interest plus dividends
on your credit slips..
now that you're so solidy rich..
 You're one real shaker and a mover
You out shadowboxed 
J. Edgar Hoover

victorious at  the winners circle
at the end of the games.
you don't  work up a sweat
cuz,  you don't even have to play.
Master RIckie,, MacDickie, O'Rich.

When King Crabs
threatened to put a stranglehold
on your money buckets
You gave the fishermen crab bait
mixed with  a few golden duckets.

For a dynasty like yours to live forever
Don't forget to remember to endeavor
to bequeath a sobering surplus of treasure.

When your ex-beau
was found 
bloated and blue
Face down in your
heart shaped
 swimming pool
you didn't flinch.
you just floated a check.
Cuz, you're colder and bolder and blonder than heck.
 If the law  ever caught up with you,
you'd simply shift gears,
that's what you do.
Your court case is long on the dockets.
Postponed indefinitely
due to your deepest of pockets.
Strike another curious, though spurious,, pose.
I like what your Doc did with the bridge of your nose.
and how perfectly your overbite was adjusted
Your posse' took heat,
so you wouldn't get busted.
You're just too rich..

Pit crews gas up more funny cars
Pink slips go to the new racing stars.
Drinks all around on your tab
at the bar ..
Because, you're so solid.

Calling all available cash machines
in thigh high snake skin boots
and faux ripped jeans
first responder on the scene.

Now that you're
Muffin stuffin
Truffle suckin .
Bronco bustin
Gem encrusted
Fairy dusted
ILL begotten
Spoiled rotten
Most entitled
Deedle daidle
Bernie Madoff
Michael Milken
Specials blinkin
Birdie's sinkin
Champagne glasses
All a clinkin

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Buddy Bee Anthony

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