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just  like the Shakespeare play,
you look so God  awful good,
much  adoin' nothin' all day.
Cuz, you're so solid

Strike a curious, though, spurious, pose.
I like what the doc did with the bridge of your nose
and how perfectly your over bite
they adjusted.
Your posse' took heat
so you wouldn't get busted.
Cuz,you're just so rich..
It takes more than a village
to keep your dough hid.
Your ego's in bed and romancin' your id.
You've got way too much juice
for us other kids,
You're in the winner's circle
you don't even have to play.
Number one on the hit parade.
Mister, Mac Dickie. McRich.
     You're a real shaker and a mover
out shadowboxed
J.Edgar Hoover.
When your ex-beau was found
bloated and blue
in your art-deco-heart shaped
swimming pool
you didn't even flinch.
You just wrote out a check
cuz, you're richer and bolder and blonder than heck
If the law should ever catch up with you,
you'd simply shift gears,
that's what you do.
Your court cases are long on the docket
Postponed indefinitely
due to your deepest of pockets.

     Pit crews gas up more of your funny cars.
Pink slips go to the new racing stars.
Drinks all around on your tab at the bar
cuz you're richer than the richest of the rich..

Got away scot free
with the biggest of scores.
When a blemish erupted,
they sealed your pores.

     Strike another spurious,pose
Dancin like  li'l Egypt
at all the  rightest wrong shows.
Lightin up the dance floor
curlin everyone's toes.
You're too rich.

     Haul the old stuff out,
shop the new stuff in
Bearer Bonds are your next ot kin. 

     Calling all avalable cash  machines,
with high calf skin boots, faux, faded,ripped,, jeans
first responder on the scene.
Tag, you're it.
It's another red letter squeeze play..
You stole the grand prize away
Since the fix is your business
that's what they say.....

You really lit the match
Sittin' high atop
 your mountain of scratch.
     Since, you're
Fluffin Stuffin.
Truffle suckin'
Bronco bustin'
diamond encrusted
Fairy dusted
Ill begotten
Spoiled rotten
Euber, Idle
Most entitled
Deedle daidle
Bernie Madoff
Michael Milken
Specials blinkin'
Birdie sinkin'
Champagne glasses
All a clinkin'

But, get over yourself.
cuz, the riches  you call treasures
are lookin' , rancid, and decrepit.
And, they make me want to
All editing and publishing rights reserved by this author

Buddy Bee Anthony

Re-edited 05/16/2024 @ 7:05 PM Pacific Time

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