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The one who holds seven stars,
Will never have any scars;
For He is righteous and pure,
Never tempted by a lure.
The one who walks by the light,
Will have wisdom and insight;
To see through the evil things,
The consequences it brings.
For God knows what you have done,
Things since your life had begun;
How hard you worked for the Lord,
And the hardship you endured.
God knows you tolerate not,
The evil wicked folks sought;
To cause suffering and pain,
The oppressed that they detain.
You have tested those called priests,
For seeing if they are beasts;
Trying to make others stray,
Then devour them like prey.
You expose them as liars,
Finding their true desires;
And just what they really search,
To banish them from the church.
You have endured the trouble,
Disasters leaving rubble;
And have truly sacrificed,
In the name of Jesus Christ.
Yet you have not grown weary,
When it is dark and dreary;
You have shown such a delight,
While doing what is right.
God has something against you,
Your love is no longer true;
The love you had is now gone,
Like the darkness at the dawn.
So how far did you backslide?
No longer do you abide;
Become devoted again,
Showing love as it had been.

Copyright © 2015 Richard Newton Sherrer

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