Freedom         April 6, 2015

Did you hear the news today

Walk in  freedom way

Talk of freedom, for everyone today

We've had enough of trouble, freedoms on the way

The ones that live in heaven, Freedoms here at last

Life has gone for many by the traitors of the past

The children of our future will laugh like Bob

No more tears for being Irish, remember the Irish Brigade

Bigotry is all around, free the people, let them sing

Embrace the Irish nation and every Irish thing

Glasgow, Cork, New York and Donegal

Support for Irish freedom, we all walk proud and tall

To criminalize  or hate our people for love of Ireland

To carry a banner to support the cause  freedom for my land

Democracy is a human right, to disagree is wrong

Join the world of freedom, Sing an Irish song

Free the Irish people, free them now

Ireland free, support the cause, do it now

Did you hear the news today

Walk in freedom way

Gerrard McGeachy

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