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April 10, 2015


Dear Family and Friends,

As I was praying with a friend and fellow "Watchman on the Wall" she heard the messages (from Christ Jesus) that I am sharing with you on this website. The Lord is telling us to intercede for the Bride (His people) and to be ready for He is coming for those who know Him! This site is for you to send to your friends who do and don't know the Lord Jesus Christ. So, many things are happening on the earth, that it is becoming more apparent something is up, even to those who didn't believe before.

Judgement is coming to America. We must make a choice now...WHO WILL WE PUT OUR TRUST IN? It is vital to seek God with all we are.

In 2007 a prophet told me had a gift of revelation of national dangers and in 2008 I received a vision of the "Mark of the Beast" (see "Healing Hearts Poetry and Prophecy Expose' Dont' Take the Mark of the Beast-link below) and vaccine agenda (depopulation) and then in 2009 God began giving me revelation of that vision and the plots of the devil. Since then I have learned that many a Wathcman on the Wall (those with that gift) received some of the same revelations in that year. (Illuminati-Freemason; secret luciferian worshippers and behind antichrist agenda involving Obama, fema camps, One World Order etc (Matthew 24) God has been preparing us. We are in a spiritual battle against principalities and powers and there are those who are carnel that are carring out the devils agenda, (Ephesians 6:12) just as we are hands and feet of Christ. God revealed end-time traps, snares and Bible Prophecy. God is using all for His purposes. He said in Proverbs 2:21,22 that He will cut off the wicked and righteous will remain in the earth.

The first thing the Lord spoke to my spirit (at the time of all the revelation in 2009) as I read Revelation 17 was America and the $ would fall. The Holy Spirit continued to speak and confirm through His Word and connections that Obama was a beast and Islamic and his MARK was in the coming Obama Health Care Bill. (Revelation 13) The Lord continued to expose the antichrist system as a satanic secret society the Freemasons. (later He would become clear that Skull and Bones.)  

​​Also, the Lord whispered in my ear Red Cross. So, I looked that up and learned that they make the plagues that we pay for the vaccines for. That the same elite that sold out America were apart of it and the Hitler Holocaust that would make the coming one look like childs play. (Matthew 24) The churches signed up with them in 2009.

​​Also,  the Holy Spirit would continue to reveal how the monuments in America were all made by Freemasons with sorcerie geometrics and that America was Babylon and that we say we were full of freedom but we were full of bondage. (Revelation 17 & 18) I would later learn why the Lord whispered "Lewis and Clark" in my ear..they were freemasons and America is the daughter of Babylon. Babylon I would learn later through others gifts and led by the Holy Spirit, is the Roman Catholic Chuch/Vativan-Pope are the ones who are the Mother of Harlots and the Main Beast that will rule with the EU and UN (modern day "Tower of Babel".) Gen 11

So, Rome was the city on 7 hills and was the head that was ruling and then wounded and will rule again. Revelation 17 and 18 seem to go back and forth in my spirit led by the Holy Spirit, to mean America sometimes and the Vatican with its purple, scarlet and gold cup of obominations other times. The Vatican is the originator of the antichrist secret societies skull and bones, America, and of Islam. Please seek God and His Word and truth and take no humans Word for anything. However, if you are humble and sincere asking God and filled with His spirit, all this should ring true in your spirit as the Holy Spirit will bear witness as you put your total trust in Him in all things and your studies and search for truths. Please only by the Holy Sprit, for if you seek truth with-out God you can continue to learn and never come to accurate knowledge.) 2 Timothy 3:7

Also, in 2010 I would have a dream regarding yelling to the coastlands  (specifically the gulf in my dream)​​ that a dangerous storm was coming and everyone laughed and no one would listen. Then in 2012 my 10 year old had a open vision and warning from God that it was time to LEAVE CALIFORNIA. God began giving me assignments and apointments supernaturally to share this. He also spent that year revealing organizations such as "World Vision" being a part of the anti-Christ system (Roman Catholic Church/Vatican.

​​In 2014 the Lord sent me to the Grandview area and many who were coming to the prayer rooms, he would put them in my path to share regarding getting off coastlands and out of big cities. The rides were always from California. God would also put ones from New York, and Florida in my path to share with and pray for as well. 

In December 2013, I saw a video about the Comet Ison fragments returning and fasted and prayed regarding God's truth on this. The Lord opened me to Psalm 11 where it says that He would rain fire and coal on the wicked. And then opened me to Isaiah 60 where the Bible says, but arise and shine (to those who know Him) in the the day of darkness your light will come. (please find more on the Prophecy Expose' site-link below.)​​ There is much on the web, regarding the government knowing about this coming. It is possible that this will happen in September of this year on the 4th blood moon. According to many dreams and visions and study, many believe this would be the rapture at the same time as destruction. (Please seek God and His direction.) Then the Lord sent me on a year journey of a deeper faith like never before. Trusting Him daily for food and covering in Grand view Mo.

​​The Holy Spirit would show me, that although He was in the prayer rooms in Grand View Mo. through His people from all over the world and that the power of 24/7 prayer and worship was His design, that the Organization attached was connected with the Roman Catholic Church. How? The Lord sent me to the place where they held Friday and Saturday night services and Mike Bickel would come out with someone else and have the other person lead all in declaring there creed out loud. They also had it written on a screen so everyone could follow along. They would go through believing in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, but it would always end with "We believe in the world wide Catholic "Apostolic" church. Supposedly, enough people said something and it was mentioned to me that Mike said he would change it, and God led me there on a night that it had already been changed.....Now it reads "We believe in the Holy Catholic Church". Any way you look at it, it is connected to the anti-Christ system that is the upside down kingdom - satan the one who is trying to deceive even the elect.

​​This is serious guys.! Come out of her my people and be led by the Holy Spirit alone in who He wants us gathered with and where He wants us to go; we can't keep taking of the table of God and of demons! The Lord says, "COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE!" The :"Sun"day - "SunWorship" was started by the Roman Catholic Church. We must wake up for the Lord is now separating the "Wheat" and "tares" to destroy the "tares." (Matthew 13:30) these demons in the churches are making God's people sleep and slumber and attach their own people and not even recognize what God is doing! And now Fema has come in and wants God's people to spy on the neighborhoods for them. Also, The Obama Health Care Bill is in the churches being promoted! The churches also signed up with the Red Cross in 2009 for urgent situations. Vaccines with ill agenda "The mark of the beast" will be given out through the churches!

​​It is not business as usual; we all need to wake up and come out of Babylon and slumber. Seek God with all of our heart, repent and turn back whole soul to our Creator. Also, I just had two warning dreams on March 20 and 23 about chemical warfare here in America. China was in one of them and a while back I heard Rusia was coming (in my spirit) Jesus is coming. Please Repent and fully surrender your life to Him. We want to be rapture ready, but that will only happen if our faith is in Jesus Christ in all things. And if we are led by His Spirit and not the Spirit of the world. If we truly love and know Him. He won't let us go through the things coming. But, if someone is left behind, God will use this time to refine those who fully surrender then. BE READY NOW! YOU DON'T WANT TO BE LEFT BEHIND.

This message was not to cause fear but to prepare you with truth so you don't wake up in fear of man and fall pray to the traps and snares of the evil one such as taking the micro chip that will cause one to serve the devil. So you can wake up and get ready!!!! Let us praise the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who is Holy, Just, True, Love and our savior through His son and our redeemer to whom every knee must bow. JESUS CHRIST OF NAZERETH! Who coming to save his people who know him and love him, not this world! Let us not be like Lots wife who's heart was for this world. Now is the time to ask ourselves, "do we love something more than God? and who are we following? God or Man?"


Ps-This is a link to a wonderful example of the "weapons of warfare" God's people need to be engaged in...next to a humble, repentant and contrite heart of love before God! 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coVuukb_4xQ  (IF IT DOESN'T WORK, CUT AND PASTE IT)

God bless you with knowing Him and hearing His voice clearly and protection, direction and all that He has for you. If you know God. This is a GREAT TIME FOR YOU!!!!!   ​I love you, judylea



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