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One hundred years on and

Old enemies are now friends

So often the way of the world

After conflicts ends.

And that War 

To End All Wars

Just laid the foundations

For so many more.


From Suvla Bay to Basra,

To our modern days,

The world remains ruled by

Ever more aggressive ways.

Do the  shades of the fallen

From a Valhalla somewhere

Look at the turning world

And sigh with despair.


Was their sacrifice wasted:

Were any lessons learned;

Did the people benefit

From any victory earned.

Do they draw the curtains

Shut out the view

Very little changes

Very little is new.


One hundred years further on

A very different where and when

May greet those restless shades 

With curtains drawn back again:

A new world maybe emerged

With conflicts all long done,

That War To End All wars

Having finally been won.





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