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Jehovah's Witnesses and other end-time minsistries are "End-Time Deceptions!"

April 14, 2015 (This was kind of a free flow message and may not be checked till later so please bear with me on speling and other gramatical errors)

Hi my name is Judylea. I was in an organization for 13 years, who called themselves Jehovahs Witnesses. Why do I call Jehovah Witnesses a cult and other ministries as Morman, Scientology, 7th day Adventists cults and an end-time deception? Well this article will share that answer but first  I want you to know that God found me in the midst of this as I grew in faith in him through honest prayer. I first wanted TRUTH because something was always missing and I just couldn't get satisfaction and knew there had to be more to life. The organization of Jehovah Witnesses call themselves "The Truth. " Actually there is so much "end-time truth" shared that this is a part of the end time deception because "THEY ARE NOT THE TRUTH" The only three that bear truth is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and they all three are one. God has nothing to do with an ORGANIZATION OR CHURCH OR BUILDING!! The building that the Bible speaks of as to where He is is the building He is building in us. The devils doesn't want you to know that  and wants to lead you astray.

Anyway, this is not an article to put down any of JWs members or of any organization, church or affiliation individuals of any kind. We individually are in a battle and in a world that is deceived by the one who is the ruler of this world at this time. A verse that JW's share often 2 Corinthians 4:4 "  In their case the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, to keep them from seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God. And another verse we would share often (I still do) is Revelation 12:9 " 9 And the great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent, who is called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world—he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him. and they deceive the whole earth." So the organizations are deceptions to lead us astray from a relationship with our true God and His Son Jesus Christ led by the Holy Spirit not people, organization, etc. The organizations of JW's understand these things! They are deceived however, even more so, because THEY BELIEVE THEY ARE THE ORGANIZATION OF GOD.

By our Fathers mercy and love He sent His son to save us and Jesus has been meeting us in the churches (in His people) but now He is separating the wheat and tares and we have to come out of Babylon. (Revelation 13:30) We can not keep taking of the table of demons and of God. 1 Corinthians 10:21. The 501c3 is a state paper/a state church/a Babylon church started by the Roman Catholic Church who calls themselves the apostles of the world.  And just as in the inquisition when they tortured and murdered Christians who protested their idolotry and exposed truth, this is the plan again. When it becomes obvious that the churches have been taken over by the antichrist system and are pushing things that sincere Christ followers know is wrong, would it not appear that Jehovah's Witnesses were telling the truth of what was going to happen all along? At the door as a "Auxilery Pioneer" I shared often of the Government Kingdom of God showing Daniel 2:44 "coming to get rid of all other kingdoms and it itself will stand forever." We taught of the trubulation. This is possibly one of the end-time decetions. They have been sharing truth about the Babylon; the world impire of false religion. They just don't realize that they are included!

Something I learned years later after leaving this organization. These organiations were actually started by the occult. The individuals don't know it and if you research you will see that Freemasons (secret luciferian worshippers (the hands of feet of the devil (skull and bones the antichrist system behind the one world order agenda, obama and the mark of the beast, Roman Catholic Church the Jesuits the EU and UN) actually started them. I did not know that and if anyone would have told me that I would not have believed them. Why do I call it a cult. One reason is the credence that was given to the unseen Bethel leaders who heard from God and we were to get the information from them.  I was told, God always had an organization on earth...look at Abraham!"  Thats funny because He had a relationship with God and was not an organization; but never the less I bought it. Once I had agreed in the spirit that these were His people the blinders came on and the trust was in the organization over God.

Believe it or not everyone in this hour needs to wake up and seek God in the secret place and ask if they are involved in any deception and to ask Him to open our eyes and heart and set us free and give us  the truth and ask for the humility to hear it. The religious spirit and jezebel has effected my relationship with my own family members. The church in the buildings have fallen asleep and are acting very different than the ones who have come out. We are either becoming more like Jesus or more like the Pharisees or compromising and being apart of this world. Putting our trust in the Father through Jesus and KNOWING HIM, is the key. Surrender fully and go where He leads you even if it looks like your alone.

What is essential is a  personal relationship with God;and no man, or building or school or organization can give that. It is all about us as an individual and our faith and pure heart and trust in the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. PRIDE is UGLY! And demons are allowed through it. Come out of Babylon and grow in humility and love. Allow the HOLY SPIRIT to guide you to those you are to meet with and pray for discernment. Be in the WORD with the Holy Spirit! And Never jump in this hour or assume. Surrender fully to God and receive His precious gift of salvation through Christ and trust that He will guide you through His Word and may speak to you through His people and their gifts but do not put our trust in organizations or man. Worship God in Spirit and Truth!

Another deception regarding Jehovah Witness organization is we wern't allowed to hold hands with people to pray or we would be worshipping their God. Much later, after knowing the Holy Spirit, He told me that it was to keep the Holy Spirit from transferring to them. That made so much since! That would be why no one else would be allowed to pray for us at the doors only we could pray for them. The reason again would be because we don't want to pray to any false God of the other. Also, we were taught that the churches of "chrisindum" denied the Father. Obviously the churches are taught that JW's deny Jesus.  We didn't deny Jesus but this is how the twisting of the devil works. However, the organization didn't give enough diety to Christ. I still love Jehovah God my Father and go to Him through Jesus as always, but I have gotten to know Jesus through my friend, God and mentor the Holy Spirit who bears witness of Him every moment.

I believe I was talking to my God that I have right now Jehovah God, through His son which I am so in love with and know even more personally now that I have been baptized in the spirit and praying in the spirit strenthens, and edifys me and the Words of God flow through and transform in to english for me. I feel way closer and freer and have a personal sweet relationship. But God was with me there too. I believe that when I asked Christ into my heart I also had the Holy Spirit but because the organiztion teaches that the gifts of the spirit are not for now and no longer needed (not what the Bible says) that the power of God didn't operate at the level of which it does now. Things went slow and God was growing me there at the same time, and I knew so called Christians that later through their victim mentality couldn't wait to say how they were so affected by it. Why? This person wasn't one I preached to. Pride and fear are not of God. Pray for your loved ones and put them in God's hands and then look at your own heart; or maybe you ought to do it the other way around. God has been working all along on our faith and heart where ever we are. Of course it is harder for ones coming out of theses cults where they believe they are blood guildty and could be leaving God's organization.  However, God is getting ready to do something big to shake the wheat out. Have the faith to jump!

Another reason I call the organiztion  a cult is it kept us so busy with reading the materials that you didn't have time for the Bible. Although most Jehovah Witnesses know many verses and the Word more than church going christians. Again the organization was the boss we put our trust in rather than God. I though I was putting my trust in God through them. It was also very hard and took along time to get passed all the brainwashing when I came out. We were fed by replays of alot of the same material through Watchtower studies. Read and study at home then after a talk on Sunday, there would be another session of reading and commenting on the same thing. There are some Jehovahs Witnesses that are precious and we should not think more of ourselves.  Just like the rest of us are wounded and need love. There are most likely looking for truth and love and community like I was and was deceived but prayer and the coming outpouring can set them free. Only the Holy Spirit can do it. Forget resoning on the scripture...they have practiced that and believe what they believe through a strong spirit of deception. For everything that they use as a rebuttle can be ussed on them but it will not penetrate accept by the moving of the Holy Spirit through prayer and love. They have been taught in advance every rebuttle to every rejection and believe it with all their heart. A demon is involved and the only way for the blinder to leave is by the Holy Spirit. So my suggestion would be to fill up on the Holy Spirit and hug them. Pray for them and don't take the material because (and they don't know this) because the devil throught the secret society that started them has ink blots of satanic images in the beautiful pictures. I saw this years later in the washateria and didn't know what it was. I was so puzzled. But then later I would read about this and now I deffinitly toss the material when I see it.

The bottom line.:We are all in the same boat! Are you sitting in a piew? Are you putting trust in man, or organization including your Church? It is very simple. Look for God in the secret place with a sincere humble heart willing to let go and be real. Don't look for Him in a building or organization. Cry out to Him in the secret place and He will reveal Himself to you and you will know. I love you, Judy

Cult: Dictionary Definition

The definition of the term ‘cult’ as provided by the Merrium Webster Dictionary covers a variety meanings:

1 : formal religious veneration : worship
2 : a system of religious beliefs and ritual; also : its body of adherents
3 : a religion regarded as unorthodox or spurious; also : its body of adherents
4 : a system for the cure of disease based on dogma set forth by its promulgator cults>
5 a : great devotion to a person, idea, object, movement, or work (as a film or book); especially : such devotion regarded as a literary or intellectual fad
b : the object of such devotion
c : a usually small group of people characterized by such devotion

The dictionary also explains the term’s etymology: French & Latin; French culte, from Latin cultus care, adoration, from colere to cultivate. See this article for a closer look at the history of the term cult and its usage.