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Yesterday was a beautiful sunny and nice warm day
I was really enjoying the sun's warmth after winter
Everywhere the signs of a new Spring were beginning

The birds were singing loudly and swooping around
Having a royal feast from our several bird feeders
As seeds fell down others on the ground feasted

I had to run some errands and get some groceries
On the way back I decided to go to the cemetery
To visit my Mom And my Dad's graves for awhile

All in all it was a beautiful and peaceful day
I always feel better after visiting with them
It gives one an inner peace from daily life

As I was leaving there I noticed new life
As flowers were beginning to bloom and grow
The squirrels were running chasing each other

I was almost half way back to my own home
When suddenly four squirrels target out
I missed the first three but not the fourth

It happened so fast I had no time to react
I could not stop as a truck was behind me
I breathed a sigh of relief then felt a bump

I knew then that I had hit the last squirrel
I went a little farther down and turned back
But the poor little guy had been hit again

Terry Sasek - Always A Warrior - all rights reserved.


These things do happen everyday in our world
it is sad that it does and it makes one feel
quite bad it did happen as I have always been
an animal lover and would never hurt or even
leave an poor animal to suffer on the road if
I though it could be saved. But as I quickly
returned I saw it was hit by a few more cars
and knew nothing could be done for the poor
little squirrel at all but when it was clear
I put his remains up on the curb so it would
not be hit anymore and said a short prayer.
I had been having a beautiful day until that
fateful moment that those carefree squirrels
ran out into the road and ruined their day as
well as my own day and if not for a speeding
truck following to close behind me maybe I
could have stopped even faster avoiding the
little squirrel.

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