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Mutilated (This Place II)

I stepped inside the imagination,
Gray day, it sprinkled rain.
Clouds we're thrown upon the sky.
White. Low Sun Shine light.
Flowers retire for the night.
Barefoot, tiptoed upon glass.
Breaking soft skin. It slits my past.
All love, value and care,
Is he unaware?
Looking up at the rain.
Exposing ever single pain.
Inside. Would I rather die?
Search the sky...
When stars appeared. Around.
Glanced back to the ground.
Tears dropped one by one.
Out set was the sun.
Alone. Just one. Just me,
Wishing to be free.
From this place. Beautiful yet,
I - addicted to self emotional mutilation,
That' I've done. Allowing him to hurt me.
Free me. me.
He doesn't even see me,
In this place of regret and misery.
Perhaps he does and unconcerned he cries,
While I continue to stand - mutilated inside.

~DaYnA 4/20/03

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Mutilated (This Place II)