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I am riding through the Borderlands

That place of harsh, arid beauty

Carrying out observation for 

This period of detached duty.

It is that time of day,

The setting sun at my back

And my sensors tell me aliens

Are following my track.


It is time to sleep

Until first light;

There is a time to run

And there is a time to fight.

Tomorrow will tell 

Which it will be.

Tomorrow may be 

The proving of me.


The code of conduct tells me  

Only to kill as a last resort

But I am here alone

With no resort to any support.

Did the writers of the Code

Ever face the prospect of strife

Did the writer of the Code

Ever have to risk their life.


The sensors will warn

When the aliens are near

Automatically broadcast 

A warning they will hear.

Tomorrow in these Borderlands,

This place of harsh and arid beauty,

Will it be talk or fight 

In the performance of my duty.

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