The Black & White Poet

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Blood drip drops,
Stain the white dress.
A lace upon her silk,
The design of filth.
Quivered - shivered,
Cold bankruptcy inside.
Nothing of to hide.
No guide.
No direction of where,
Of who. Of what.
TO her left - door shut.
Poverty upon her look,
Planted upon closed book.
Here Rainbow consisting:
Of black and white.
Reaching the destination
Of her invisible hight.
Her goals and dreams
So unworthy.
So she hurries,
To die.
Because nobody looked
Through her cry.
Lied... unwoven, unhealed,
uncared holes.
Where the blood dripped.
Now the heart skipped.
It was too late to cure her.

~DaYnA e. 4/20/03

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