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Resentment Survivors

Attending a new 12 step group
comes highly recommended
by my Life Management Planner

more or less,
its mandatory attendance

Resentment Survivors...
displayed on the door
in rainbow-colored cheerful signage

I am not pleased to be here
me and my righteous indignations
have co-habitated
quite comfortably for some time

they have kept me warm
left me smoldering hot
ill will has stoked the flames to keep
my engines blasting

do I have to give up my pique
tie it up with ribbons and bows
or as the Big Book advises
wrap it up in 'serene'

instructions include:
stop holding onto my bad feelings
like a jaundiced letch
or reacting to most people as
treasonous enemies

I've been informed:
those resentments don't serve me anymore


but wait

I'm an animosity addict
I'm addicted to irritation
I've an aversion to resolution
I've been nicknamed Ill Willhellmina
I feed on rancor for breakfast
I recline on a divan of hard feelings
My hands are twitchy my teeth are gnashing
I want to karate kick the moderator
My brain is screaming
"Let me out-let me out of this nut palace!"

my resentments have
become familiar companions
providing me with front-line defense
rancor is my currency
non-compliance is my trade

the accountant inside my head
keeps itemized lists
of the pleasing I did for those resentees,
those I should have never pleased, but I did
instead of pleasing me

I don't know if am born-again
that I shall be transformed from
cockroachian agnostic
into a gratefully-compressed
human experiment
full of it

yet now
the beige room is hushed
the sedated survivors perch on
Naugahyde furnishings
in midday swelter

in the room
there is a calling for a joining
and laying on of clammy hands

there is no escape
its too late to flee

I conclude:

they aim too high
to convert
a Resentment Survivor Pilgrim

so sayeth

The Pharisee

in me.

Copyright April 26 2015 All Rights Are Reserved By This Author
All Poetry/Prose/Ideas/Rants are the legal property of this Writer
Meloo/Melissa A Howells straight from her Tilt-a-World
editing ideas from Buddy Bee. Thank YOU Babe, You're Sumpin' (Wink Wink)

my attempt at humor and snark

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