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Cannibals on patrol,
Gobbling up Black souls,
Sons of Iblis,
Having a ghetto feast...
Murderous pigs acting as police,
For them they find it demonically cathartic,
Their approaach methodic,
Episodic and chronic...
Addicted to the thrill,
Concealed behind a cloak of blue,
With an authorization to kill,
They find it to be an event rhapsodic,
They meditate upon ... then plot it ,
Termination crews governmently sanctioned,
To eliminate the Black Man,
As brutally as they can,
In full public view...
Hoping to instill fear,
As they occupy and patrol in full battle gear,
Each day "life in our Hood" becomes sadder,
Because historically in ameriKKKa Black life doesn't matter,
They historically deny...
Preferring to conceal it with lies,
hese urban marauderers ,
These paddy rollers,
Jungle patrolers,
Cannibals On Patrol,
Demonic cops showing the Black Community grief...
Snatching Black Souls like a murder Maddended thief,


Abu Lateef Babatunde


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