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Like Pilot, Wash Your Hands.

Like pilot in the good book,
trying to get people to look.
Are we doing the very same,
as we do this in our country's name.

Just on our veterans turn our backs,
and wondering why they can't get on track.
If to them we gave our help,
as we watch them take another step.

Kill they had to,
this is so true.
But now it is you,
and this country who makes them blue.

Now, without thinking at all,
you are making us veterans fall.
Us you are going out of your way to kill,
I wonder if for you there is some thrill.

Yes, try to understand,
you can't wash the blood off your hands.
Until you begin to honor veterans, both women, and men.
to help start healing their wounds once again.

Please, give and help your veterans. Give at paulbunn.com and check to see if you have benefits coming. Thank you.
God bless the world.

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Like Pilot, Wash Your Hands.

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