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Oh Sweetest Pooh
These Instrumentals 4u
Your Love For Them I+Heaven Knew
May They Make Your Horizon Peaceful Due....

At the moment our story began
He was never afraid to sing,
I was filled with the pride that ran
Twas better than I was ever imagining!
Dreams of scenes of My True Love
{ He was the endless flight }
And I was His Little White Dove!

Like a breeze on a warm summer night
Soothing my restless sleep,
Love filled my eyes with a sight
That my breath fought to keep!
Dreaming away till the light of day
( The magic in My Lover's Eyes  * *
In Heaven couldn't help but stay!

The morning brings
Thoughts Of Happiness My Lover Still Sings,
When tired He lifts me with His Wings
To the Rainbow Treasure Lies!
I know all about these things
Faron's Highs
I would fly
Faron's Highs
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 photo 1doveyMe_zpsckfhw2c9.gif
Be Sure To Catch Me The Dove In Flight
My Endless Love The 1st Video Beautiful Sight....

The Magic From His Hazel Eyes
Now The Ink On Which My Blue Quill Relies....

Let The Music Play
Forget Worries Drift Away....